Approximately every two to three years the Chinati Foundation organizes a symposium dedicated to aspects of the museum's mission and permanent collection. The speakers invited to participate include experts in their respective fields, and each symposium has been documented with a subsequent publication.

The Writings of Donald Judd (2008). The Chinati Foundation held its fifth symposium, The Writings of Donald Judd, on May 3 and 4. Participating speakers included: Allan Antliff, Mel Bochner, Richard Ford, Thomas Kellein, Robert Pincus-Witten, David Rabinowitch, David Raskin, Richard Shiff, Roberta Smith, Karen Stein, Ann Temkin, Nicola von Velsen, and Anne Wagner.

It's All in the Fit: The Work of John Chamberlain (2006). Moderated by art historian Richard Schiff, speakers included William Agee, Francesca Esmay, David Getsy, Klaus Kertess, Adrian Kohn, Steve Nash, Donna De Salvo, Dieter Schwarz.

Light in Architecture and Art: The Work of Dan Flavin (2001). Moderated by art historian Brydon Smith, speakers included Tiffany Bell, Kurt W. Forster, Michael Govan, Dave Hickey, Steve Morse, Robert Rosenblum, and Michael Venezia.

Art and Architecture (1998). Moderated by architect William F. Stern, speakers included James Ackerman, Michael Benidikt, Frank Gehry, Jacques Herzog, Roni Horn, Robert Irwin, Claes Oldenburg, and Coosje van Bruggen.

Art and the Landscape (1995). Moderated by art historian Richard Shiff, speakers included Carl Andre, Michael Charlesworth, Hamish Fulton, Lucy R. Lippard, Ann Reynolds, and James Turrell.