Chinati is very thankful for all of the generous annual support provided by our donors over the past year. Annual donors fund diverse programs and initiatives including conservation and preservation, Chinati Weekend, Community Day, education and outreach, artists’ residencies, interships, and the museum’s general operations.


Ben E. Keith Foundation
The Bowdon Family Foundation
Carl B. & Florence E. King Foundation
City of Marfa
The Cowles Charitable Trust
Elke and Wilhelm Hoppe Family Endowment
Dallas Foundation


George & Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Kirkpatrick Family Fund
Lannan Foundation
Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation
Orix Foundation
Riggio Family Foundation


Texas Commission on the Arts
The Charles Engelhard Foundation
The Moody Foundation
The Susan Vaughan Foundation, Inc.
World Monuments Fund


Anne Adams
William C. and Elita T. Agee
Ronald Ahlers
Brooke Alexander
Katherine and Dean Alexander
Katherine Altshuler
Robert and Valerie Arber
Richard Armstrong
Susan Ashcroft
Peter Ballantine
Reuben and Joan Baron
Sid Bass
Douglas Baxter
Mary Baxter
Daphne Beal and Sean Wilsey
Jeff Beauchamp
Todd Bellaire
Ronald D. Bentley
Kristin Bonkemeyer and Douglas Humble
Udo Brandhorst
Linda Brown
Whitney and Chris Brunet
Paula and Ross Buhrdorf
Michael Bussell
Get Go Grocery
Ephi Gildor
Ralph Gillis
Ann Goldstein and Christopher Williams
Laurel Gonsalves
Matthew Goudeau
Richard and Mary L. Gray
Ruth Greene and Charles Cheung
King Grossman
Kathryn and David Halbower
Matthew Hall
Sarah Hamm
Jeff Hamrick
Sarah Harte and John Gutzler
Roxana and Jim Hayne
Emerson Head
David Hecht
Josef Helfenstein
Dorene and Frank Herzog
Jamie and Carla Hine
Marguerite Steed Hoffman
Steven Holl
Tom Hollenback
Roni Horn
Sue Hostetler
Carolyn Hubach
Xavier Hufkens
Elizabeth Browning Jackson
Judy D. Jacobson
Bob and Jean James
James B. and Perry Jamieson
Alice and John Jennings
Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee
Pat Jones
Robert Brownlee and William B. Jordan
Ilya and Emilia Kabakov
Emily Keeton
Sissy and Denny Kempner
Raoul and Martha Kennedy
Ben and Margaret Kitchen
Carl Andre and Melissa Kretschmer
The Pace Gallery
Dr. J. Tillapaugh
Tom and Alice Tisch
Tracy Lew
Tina and John Evers Tripp
Gen Umezu
Dianne Vanderlip
Julie Wade and Tom Phillips
H. Keith Wagner


William G. Butler
Barbara Buzzell
Paula Campbell
Chris Canale
Zachary Cardwell and Phoebe Kosman
Chris Carson
Jennifer Chaiken and Sam Hamilton
J. Scott Chase
Lori and Alexandre Chemla
Andrew B. Cogan and Lori Finkel
Michele Cohen
Mery Godigna Collet
Ric Collier
Jack and Lisa Copeland
Phil Cordero
Tim Crowley
Mark Cunningham
Elizabeth Cutler
Said Dabbagh
Brenda and Sorrel Danilowitz
Arlene and John Dayton
John P. De Neufville
Janie and Dick DeGuerin
Dennis Dickinson
Charles Mary Kubricht and Ron Sommers
Trey and Jenny Laird
Joel Last
Laura Van Straaten
David Leclerc and John Tevis
Arthur Leibundgut
Jane and Rick Lewis
Toby Devan Lewis
Dorothy Lichtenstein
James and Stephanie Loeffler
Cecilia Longoria
Jennifer Luce
Karyn Lyons
Betty MacGuire
Michael Maharam and Sabine Steinmair
Julia Main and Robert Roper
Gerda Maise and Daniel Göttin
Joni Marginot and Scott May
Audrey Marnoy
Laurence V. Mathews and Brian Saliman
Alex Matthiessen
Linda McDavitt
William and Janet McDonald
Donald McNeil and Emily Galusha
Anthony and Celeste Meier
Jane F. and Charles W. Mertz
Alicia and Bill Miller
Jenny Moore and Larry Bamburg
Terry Mowers
Don Mullen
Foster and Nan Nelson
Charles Newhall
Ted Newlin
Kate and Stuart Nielsen
Nancy M. O’Boyle
Duncan and Elizabeth Osborne
Jon Otis and Diane Barnes
T.V. Paschetto
Pat Scatena
John and Catherine Pawson
Waldren and Associates, LLC
Catherine Walsh
John and Jill Walsh
Joanna and Lawrence
John Wesley
Kayla Wieche
Barbara Wilks
Kathy Wilson
Andrew and Leah Witkin


JD DiFabbio
Mimi and Roberto Dopson
Jack Dorsey
R.H. Rackstraw Downes
Fred and Char Durham
David Egeland and Andrew Friedman
Robin and Glen Eisen
Rand and Jeanette Elliott
Francesca Esmay
Evan Hughes Studio
David Fannin
Amy and Vernon Faulconer
Sidney Felsen and Joni Weyl
Davida Fineman
Professor Dr. Jan A. Fischer
Hamilton Fish and Sandra Harper
Kevin Flynn and Kathy McDaniel
Jeff Fort
Helen Winkler Fosdick
Mack and CeCe Fowler
Richard Francis
Sabrina Franzheim
Ann Garvin and Bruce Matney
Carolyn Pfeiffer
Matt Powell
Happy Price
Jose Prieto
Emily Rauh Pulitzer
Mark Quint
Tom Rapp and Toshifumi Sakihara
Noelle and Eric Reed
James Reeder
Ruy Rego
Susan Simmons Reinhardt
Mark Reynolds and Charlotte Bellan
Rhotenberry Wellen Architects
Len Riggio
Marjana and Hal Roach
Minnette Robinson
Steven and Susan Roden
Andrea Rosen
Glen A. Rosenbaum
Barbara Rosenblatt
Mark Ruwedel
Carl E. Ryan and Suzi Davidoff
Ellen Salpeter
Nancy and Rod Sanders
Judy Camp Sauer
Lewis J. Saul
James Schaeufele
Annabelle Selldorf
Ivan Serdar and Brian Espinoza
Sir Nicholas Serota
Don and Linda Shafer
Mary Shaffer
Sheryl Kolasinski
Richard Shiff
Ann and Chris Stack
Beau Staley
Robin and Sandy Stuart
Keith Swinney and Lyle Williams
Sylvia Chivaratanond
Dedie and Lonn Taylor
Nick Terry and Maryam Amiryani
Christopher Wool and Charline von Heyl
David P. and Sheri L. Wright
Eugenia and Francis
H. Wright
Dr. Rachel Goodman Yates


Alexander Adler
Cecilia Alemani
Alia Al-Senussi
Abdullah Al-Turki
Katharine Arnold
Megan Bowdon
Maria Baibakova
Hannah Barry
May Calil
Alison Chemla


Alexandra Chemla
Dana Farouki
Adam Fields
Massimiliano Gioni
Shanay Jhaveri
Kalina King
Bernard Lagrange
Max Levai
Kristina McLean
Philomena Schurer Merckoll


Meredith Rosen
Katherine Ryder
Jelena Seng
Tarek Shamma
Taylor Trabulus
Benjamin Trigano
Sylvain Tron
Alma Zevi
Matteo Zevi


Abdullah Al-Turki
Alia Al-Senussi
Arber and Son Editions
Valerie and Robert Arber
Gwen Arriaga,
Blanton Museum of Art
Larry, Mae, and Willa Bamburg
Katherine Bash and Douglas Kennedy
Douglas Baxter
Thomas Beard
Bearded Lady Screen Prints
David Beebe
Larry Bell
Dylan Bemberg
Joey Benton
Larry Bergdoll
Big Bend Brewing Company
Big Bend Coffee Roasters
Eugene Binder
Blackwell School Alliance
Grupo Exito de Marfa, TX
Johanna Gurland
John Gutzler and Sarah Harte
Robert Hernandez
Roni Horn
Shelley and Harry Hudson
J.P. Morgan
Matthew Day Jackson and Laura Seymour
Ron Johnson
Tim Johnson and Caitlin Murray
Buck Johnston
Maryann Jordan
Flavin Judd
Judd Foundation
Rosi Kahane
Raoul and Martha Kennedy
Kirtland Records
Knoll, Inc.
KRTS Marfa Public Radio
Laird + Partners
Jenny and Trey Laird
Le Stanze del Vetro
Virginia Lebermann
Zoe Leonard
Alfred Lippincott and Donald Lippincott
Cece Louie
Nate Lowman
Jessica Lutz
Andy MacDougall and Squeegeeville
Marfa Book Company


Albert Bork
Mary Boyd
Lesley Brown
Daniel and Jessie Browning
Sterry Butcher
Fiammetta Calzavara
Primo Carrasco
Cory Cason
Mette Carlsen
Josh Chalmers and Abi Daniel
Lori and Alexandre Chemla
Andrew Cogan and Lori Finkel
Jennifer Conners
Marella Consolini and Jimmy Rodewald
Cook Construction Company
Clark Coolidge
Crowley Theater
Rob Crowley
Tim Crowley
Marfa Independent School District
Marfa Volunteer Fire Department
Ralph McKay
Anthony and Celeste Meier
Clint Moore
Terry Mowers
Eleonora Nagy
Beth Nobles
Guy Nordenson
Christopher W. Norton
James Parker
Caius Pawson
Pentagram Stiftung
Naila Perez-Stringari
Andrew Peters
Cindy and Howard Rachofsky
Kelly Ramsey
Tom Rapp and Toshi Sakihara
Elizabeth Redding
Noelle Reed
Monte Riggs
Eric Ripert
Patrick Rivera
Rolling Highway Management
Frank Sanchis III
Annabelle Selldorf
Sir Nicholas Serota
Andi Shapiro
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger


Lisa Cuellar-Felix
Arlene and John Dayton
Dan Desmond
JD DiFabbio
Fairfax Dorn
Suzanne and Tom Dungan
Francesca Esmay
Amy and Vernon Faulconer
John Fidler
John Fidler Preservation Technology
Fondazione Giorgio Cini
Food Company
Ford, Powell & Carson
Ft. Davis Intependent School District
Cece and Mack Fowler
Rutger Fuchs
Dave Gohlke
Good Records Recordings
Betty Grajeda
Jose Grajeda
Richard Griggs

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